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yum install -y cronie yum-cron

/etc/yum/yum-cron.conf  (每天),
/etc/yum/yum-cron-hourly.conf  (每小时).

vi /etc/yum/yum-cron.conf
#  What kind of update to use:
# default                            = yum upgrade
# security                           = yum --security upgrade
# security-severity:Critical         = yum --sec-severity=Critical upgrade
# minimal                            = yum --bugfix update-minimal
# minimal-security                   = yum --security update-minimal
# minimal-security-severity:Critical =  --sec-severity=Critical update-minimal
update_cmd = default

apply_updates = yes
update_messages = yes
download_updates = yes

email_from = root@localhost
email_to = root
email_host = localhost

systemctl enable crond yum-cron

systemctl start crond yum-cron

In any of the two configuration files, configuration is defined through the following directives:

update_cmd = value specifies the category of upgrade where value can take:
default for yum upgrade,
security for yum –security upgrade,
security-severity:Critical for yum –sec-severity=Critical upgrade,
minimal for yum –bugfix upgrade-minimal,
minimal-security for yum –security upgrade-minimal,
minimal-security-severity:Critical for yum –sec-severity=Critical upgrade-minimal.
update_messages = yes/no defines whether a mail is sent when updates from the previously specified category are available.
download_updates = yes/no specifies whether these available updates need to be downloaded.
apply_updates = yes/no defines whether these available updates need to be applied.
random_sleep = 15 specifies the maximum time in minutes to randomly sleep preserving bandwidth and avoiding download storms.
emit_via = stdio/email/none defines what kind of message is used: stdio means written into the /var/log/cron file, email causes a mail to be sent, none doesn’t do anything.
email_from = root@localhost, email_to = root, email_host = localhost defines respectively when the message is a mail the originator’s email address, the recipient’s email address and the host to which the mail is sent.



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